A modern Indian woman with liberal thoughts, who has been mum for ages, with the fear of hurting sentiments of people around me. I have a lot to speak and talk about but was always reluctant for the fear of being lashed out from this bigoted society. With time I learnt a lot in life and I feel this blog could be my platform to express my opinion candidly, which I have been holding back from a long time now.

I would not shy away from calling myself a patriot who gets goosebumps listening to a patriotic hymn or the stories of my freedom fighters. I really get mad on people hurting my country but I would also not deny the fact that there have been times when I hated my country for a lot of things including but not limited to the safety of women. I am afraid to raise my daughter in this country. I fear for her safety every moment. This could be the result of merely being a loving parent or maybe an outcome of all the atrocious stories our newspapers are filled with, each day, of the most horrifying incidents happening to the women folk here.

I request all the readers of my blog to believe me, to be a neutral person, who does not support any particular religion or political party. I write blogs with a very simple intent of voicing out my opinion and trying to make a difference in this world by speaking for a lot of women of my country, who fear to speak up owing to a lot of societal pressure. I want to try to make a difference rather than sitting tight and cribbing about our cultural deterioration. From the first look of my blog you may perceive me to be a whiner an anarchist but believe me you, I surely am a rebel and I am determined to change the world with your support. Hope you support my views and even if you don’t I an open to listening and feedback for my self development. Stay connected and leave back a comment. Thanks for taking out time to read.

Creativity and design courtesy Vinay Kalra, I call him the god of creativity and designing. Thanks a ton for your support for picking up the most relevant pictures and an awesome designing you did for my blog 🙂

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