Our delusional faith versus reality

Godmen or saints? It’s very nice to hear these days, of so many saints preaching the right way of living, based on Hinduism. Of what God has said in Bhagavad Gita, what he preached Arjuna, how he gave lessons of life through various ‘leelas’ he did all through his life span being incarnated in a human adobe but it breaks my heart to hear the news of how people revolt in anger to protect some Godmen who are found guilty of heinous crimes like rape, murder and hateful speeches. How these Godmen are earning all the riches and leading luxurious life, when a saint is not even supposed to be having any materialist pleasures in life as per Hinduism. Our faith has disillusioned so much, that instead of believing in God and preaching his name we have started believing in these Godmen and almost worshiping them. Godmen or Guru’s are the ones who show us the way of God not become God themselves.

Geeta, the greatest Hindu epic which clearly states the Hindu way of life. All Hindus, including me who are born in religious families would have heard a phrase like zillion times, that says; “Karma Pradhan”, which means “Karma” or action is “Pradhan” or Paramount. Now for those chauvinists who never actually bothered to read or atleast understand these lessons in these revered Hindu books and scriptures, I will try to refresh their memory on their knowledge gained from the very favorite TV show of one time, “MAHABARAT” or from what they might have learnt from a few stories our elders narrated to us in the hope of inspiring us to grow into good humans.

We had Ashram system in Hinduism for a reason and to me the most logical reasons for each defined ashram was basis the physical capability and necessity of that particular age. Brahmacharya (Student), Grihastha (Householder), Vanaprastha (Retired) and Sannyasa (renunciation). Wow so well thought of and planned way of life. Nothing much has still changed, in a way, we still believe in these ashramas to a great extent. It is very important for all of us to succeed in each ashrama to be able to do justice to the next one. Is’nt it so logical and exactly suits the anatomy of a human structure. Does’nt this exactly suit the explanation of human capabilities and requirements throughout their life cycle. if you fail to gain good education you would not do well in your domestic life. If you do not do well during your domestic life, you might not have a good retirement and if you did not have a good retirement it would be really difficult for you to calm your mind and stay positive or in other words, go the God’s way during your Sannyasa age to attain ‘Moksh’ or salvation.

Now my question is, why you think Lord Krishna preached Arjuna to fight a war rather than tell him to give in to all the pain and sufferings in life and go the Sannyasa way and only sing the hymns of the almighty’s glory? There was another story my grandma used to tell me about the book of God that once fell down from the heaven and how it dismayed the theist of learning that God’s favorite people’s list was topped by an atheist who had always done good deeds but never preached God himself, just because he did his Karma well.

Karma is Paramount for everyone and whoever does wrong should definitely be punished. I don’t question anyone’s faith but just think about it, what if you are fighting for a wrong purpose, this will make you a part of his sins too. Why do we still mourn the death of Abhimanyu when he was not the only one killed in the Mahabharat war? Because there are certain laid out rules even for fighting a war which were broken to kill him. So if you really believe it to be right to fight for it, fight the right way. Seek more explanations, seek more proof but don’t just support someone because of your faith.

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