Loving is not a crime but murdering your own children is heinous


India! A country with its rich culture had to be obsessed with its honor and customs but so much so that its people started weighing their honor over their own life, let alone their own people. Bigoted by our rigid customs we assumed that any alterations to it is a disrespect to our faith and belief system. We started living in denial thinking that whatever we have presumed is the only right way of life. We forgot that rigidness and coldness is only for the dead but to live you need to be warm, more accepting, forgiving and loving. In our pursuit of righteousness we almost forgot rationality. We wrote our own codes on what is acceptable and what is not. We got so submerged in being a moral police that our sense of justice started to diminish. We started believing that falling in love was a bigger crime than that of killing someone. We did not just stop there but we even named these killings as ‘Honor killing’ to justify it. The word love became such a taboo that till date many communities find it abhorrent to even talk to the opposite sex fearing a blow to their prescribed ceremonial ways, refusing to accept the human tendency of being lured by the things they are asked not to do, eventually resulting in bigger sins than anyone can imagine. Sin of murdering our own children, in the name of honor, accusing them of bringing shame to the family. Most ridiculous of all is their argument of proclaiming that falling in love with someone and getting married to him brings more shame to the family than murdering someone of your own blood. Yes murdering your own blood for she fell in love and decided to spend her life with him.

Honor killing is a murder justified in the name of family honor. There are many countries which are infested with this concept and believe that giving the name of honor killing justifies their act of murdering their children. If we are to believe the below Huffington post published on 07/12/2016, honor killings reported in India alone have increased by 796% in a year. While this is a kind of crime which largely goes unreported due prevalent thought process in India which renders the majority of our rural population not even believing it to be a crime and In India approximately 70% of our population lives in rural areas. While we celebrate our progress in science and the modern thinking, these increasing numbers reflect our utter failure in being truly progressive.


The prevailing situation of honor killings so reminds me of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. How Jesus could not complain or curse his torturers for he believed all of them to be his own people. His last words were, ‘Father forgive them for they not know what they do’. This world still mourns the torture and crucifixion of Jesus Christ but have we really learnt anything from it? We still kill our own people for our so called honor. I wonder if we will ever get over our customs of crucifixion, burning our Sita’s for honor, cursing our Radha’s to live away from their Krishna.

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