I am sorry to upset you for being born a girl

I wish I was aware and it was in my control

I felt so helpless, for everything which brought you a bad name

But I wondered, why the same things done by your son was not a shame

I wore clothes and made friends who were nice,

I even tried marrying the guy of Mom’s choice.

It was all wonderful for the five years I dated him

We only had to split when it was between my Mum and his

I was not happy to break up with him

But I did what my Mum and uncles suggested

But this also could not make you all happy

And now you started facing the questions from society

I felt so pressurized to get married to the first man I met

Whom I had not even known for more than 7 days

I was so silly then, to give in to that pressure

But I really thought I was making you happier

In the pursuit of happiness for you guys

I screwed up my happiness for life

I tried dragging this dead horse for 7 years

But then it was too much for me to bear

I had never let you face the heat of this fight

I needed you a lot but I fought alone with all my might

I know it was all too much for you to take any more

But Dad I never killed you but yes you died!!



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