She refuses to slip into glass slippers

She refuses to slip into glass slippersRecently there is a lot of buzz around empowering women, alleviating their status in the society, encouraging them to come back to work, post their maternity break and what not. Undeniably the corporate world has made a lot of genuine efforts in assisting women at work place by working on the issues faced by them which kept them from coming to work. It thrills me to even think about the amount of efforts going into improving the financial stature of a woman in India by the govt. and the corporate world. Then why are the women folk still not coming ahead to grab this opportunity full heartily to steer through the obstacles towards to their success.

Apparently going to work for a woman is not just as it is for men here. It is not like we pursue a field of education of our choice, take a job we like and start fulfilling our dreams. Different women have different challenges. While some face disagreements at their parent’s house, others face it when they get married or have kids.

As early as getting started with a career, our dreams are shattered for not getting enough encouragement back home. When it comes to choosing a career, we are supposed to be choosing one that suits our dignity. When we take a job our family commands us to choose some job which as per them is suitable for a virtuous woman and their family’s so called honor. The levels of filters our job selection has to go through, are basis a lot of criteria like where is our office located, how many women work there, what are our working hours, what is the gender of our boss, whether we will be able to manage our home along with the job, if our job requires any travelling and then we choose a job out of the excerpts that so remains. Our interest, pay, career growth and the great accreditations won by the organization that we wish to work for, would take a back seat. I am definitely not saying that every woman in India is confronted with these problems, some are lucky too! But at least one of these problems is definitely faced by them.

Even if our parents are supportive our life completely changes when we get married. Now all of sudden we have a new set of parents who may be from a different school of thoughts as that of our own parents, who boldly instruct us to take a job only if we are able to manage it alongside our home. We are expected to complete our household chores before going to work and also do the remaining when we come back from work. It is a very common scene in India to see a husband come back from work sit in front of the Television, relaxing and waiting for his wife to cook and serve food to him. On the contrary a woman who is called the weaker sex, physically is still expected not be tiered after the full day work but to come back and prepare for dinner. She is not only responsible for contributing financially to this house but is also responsible for her husband, his parents and the house’s upkeep.

How about planning a family. Giving birth to a child or feeding him indeed is a biological limitation that we women are faced with but does that make us solely responsible for raising our kids. Why are women asked to give up their career so they can provide for their kid’s upbringing? Every woman loves her kids but they do not necessarily have to give up their career to prove so because it’s not just the upbringing that should matter but also securing their future in case of the parents’ separation or a mishappening with the father. Even if not that, how about providing the best possible life in today’s world of ever increasing standards of living. Why should it even be difficult to understand that a job is not only to earn a living but it is much more than that for us? It is what we want! What makes our life complete. A tool to showcase our capabilities.

However I would not overlook the great job done by some of our men folk who have done a remarkable job in supporting our fight towards the financial independence. Without these visionaries, taking a stand for us, our govt. and the corporates could not have been capable of providing the changed status that we enjoy today in this society. The irony of our situation is that everyone has moved faster in resolving our problems but the only support that lacks paradoxically, is back home.


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