Boldly suppressed feminism in India

India! A beautiful country with its rich culture and heritage. We are the one’s having the first written scriptures in the human history. The ones to invent number 0 (zero), the one’s to be worshiping 9 planets revolving round the sun from much earlier than the time when the western world was celebrating their acquired knowledge of earth being round. Such a great country which believed women to be all powerful and worshiped them as goddesses. I always wonder what the world outside thinks how it is to be a woman in such a laudable country like mine?

It was great at first when I was a child, being lucky enough to be raised in an educated and well to do family, where I was fortunate enough to receive similar education and upbringing as that of my brother, unlike a lot of other girls around me. I saw my mother as a great homemaker and father doing great in his medical career as a doctor in Saudi Arabia, earning a great fortune for us. ‘Saudi Arabia’, where the plight of women was even more horrifying than that of my own country. I grew up here being confused if being woman, we are respected or oppressed here. If you have read about India, you would imagine it to be a country with a great culture. A country which is supposed to have a strong value system, where we are supposed to be teaching our kids to respect women not oppress them. We worship everything here, from mountains to animals to girls and everything else that is powerful, as I learnt from my elders. I would not dare to deny any of it not just for the fear of being picked on by the readers of my blog but also because I seriously believe it to be true. However, I would also not deny the truth of this picture not being as rosy as it seems.

I have hardly met any girl who has not been a victim of child abuse and if I did I am not sure if she hasn’t faced anything similar or if she is shy or oppressed not to speak about it, by our dear society. The same society that preaches these girls to dress up modestly, not to be talking to the opposite sex etc. is the one sexually assaulting them. People harassing and raping women usually go unpunished not only because of a weak judicial system in my country but also because our parents teach us never to talk about it. It is believed to be inappropriate to share your ordeal openly which in my view has encouraged these rowdy men, to get their way around harassing women mockingly, to their own amusement. This society ensures that it tatters the soul and kills any opportunity of resilience, of any dauntless modern woman who feels the necessity to speak out to ensure a safe heaven for our daughters here. It is absolutely acceptable here for men to pee but to kiss their partners in a public place. We the new generation really needs to fight back the disgusting moral police, ruining the peace of mind and lives of women here.

Despite these every day challenges, we the new generation men and women, have not failed so miserably to make a strong base for the ‘Strong Modern Indian Women’, who have the wish and potential to touch the sky, by still flying with their tattered wings and taste the life their own way.




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  1. Hard n cruel facts…depicted the plight of women of our country in a nice way…what i disagree is not all women were subject to abuse n not all men derive pleasure in dominating or supressing women…facts based on predominantly prevailing culture n i agree on that…


    1. Thanks Sridhar! For your valuable time and feedback. You are right about not all men are obsessed with women suppression. In fact women liberation and empowerment would not have been possible without the support of a few such gentlemen. However I would still stick to my point of every woman has faced some kind of harassment at some point of time in life but our culture is so that we abstain from telling our father and brothers about it from the fear of their reaction which may call trouble for them too.


    1. Thanks Carla! I really love to see your name popping up in my notifications. All I feel from you is a lot of love and warmth. I truly admire you as a person and wish I had spent more time with you to learn your ways. Appreciate all your time as support again 🙂


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