Dear Dad, I am sorry to upset you for being born a girl I wish I was aware and it was in my control I felt so helpless, for everything which brought you a bad name But I wondered, why the same things done by your son was not a shame I wore clothes and... Continue Reading →

She refuses to slip into glass slippers

Recently there is a lot of buzz around empowering women, alleviating their status in the society, encouraging them to come back to work, post their maternity break and what not. Undeniably the corporate world has made a lot of genuine efforts in assisting women at work place by working on the issues faced by them... Continue Reading →

Who turned my blush blue

Marriages in India are a serious affair. No matter whether it is a love marriage or an arranged one, usually, its success lies with the girl and the boy? Really? Naah! In India it depends on the girl, the boy, their parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, grannies, friends …. Phew! My apologies if I might... Continue Reading →

Boldly suppressed feminism in India

India! A beautiful country with its rich culture and heritage. We are the one’s having the first written scriptures in the human history. The ones to invent number 0 (zero), the one’s to be worshiping 9 planets revolving round the sun from much earlier than the time when the western world was celebrating their acquired knowledge of... Continue Reading →

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